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Tricycles for people with disabilities

Adapted to the needs of the physically challenged children

ECOTRIKE-BG has embraced the mission of enabling children experiencing issues related to complicated motor development to find a sough-after solution. The company promotes the belief that tricycles should be integrated in rehabilitation programs as an indelible part for a quicker and more efficient recovery and/or improvement in the locomotor system. Due to the soundness and stability of its structure and balance, ECOTRIKE-BG's tricycles are a secure means of enhancing the process of rehabilitation due to preventing children using the device from losing balance and falling. Furthermore, tricycles represent a way of overcoming distances that otherwise would represent an obstacle to children experiencing difficulties with their locomotor system. The company is currently working on further research aimed at assessing the feasibility of implementing tricycles as an innovative tool of boosting the decreased physical activity of the children using the company’s products. Due to their high-level stability and security, the ECOTRIKE-BG's tricycles have turned into products predominantly ordered to meet the special needs of children with cerebral Palsy, Spina bifida, Down syndrome, muscular dystrophy and for all other violations of the vestibular system.